Sunday, July 31, 2011

VIDEO: Man is Beaten to Death And Then Butchered...

This video was made by members of the Juarez Cartel and shows a man tied up and being tortured and beaten. The beginning of the video shows a message saying: "LEADER DIEGO IS STILL 100% ACTIVE AND WORKING WITH LA LINEA (The right arm of the Juarez Cartel). THIS IS WHAT ALL THE TRAITORS AND ANYBODY WHO SUPPORTS EL CHAPO (Leader of the Sinaloa Cartel) ARE GOING TO GET"

The man being tortured is in his underwear and tied from his hands and feet while his two attackers use baseball bats to beat him to the point where he is immobilized. Then, the attackers proceed to butcher the man with an axe.


Mexican Army Dismantles Covert Cartel Campsite

Another covert cartel campsite was dismantled by the Mexican military in Nuevo Leon, Mexico, near a large forest. The camp was primarily used for training newly hired hitmen. Reports say that the campsite was discovered thanks to an anonymous called received today alerting the authorities that civilians had seen armed men roaming that area, and therefore a large military mobilization begun.

When the military arrived a the scene they discovered armed men who retaliated by shooting at the servicemen, however after a few minutes of confrontation the men ran into the forest and disappeared, the army only killed one of the attackers.

According to the military, the authorities seized 5 assault rifles, 33 magazines, 1,500 cartridges, 2 bulletproof vests, 4 tactical belts and holsters, 9 radios, and two vehicles.

Hitmen Execute Man in a Bazaar

After shopping in a local bazaar in Sinaloa, Mexico, two men were loading furniture to their truck when they were attacked by cartel members who arrived at the shopping center. The hitmen only shot and killed one of the men while the other ran and escaped. After the incident other people who were also shopping immediately called the police. When the Forensic investigators arrived they identified the man as Noel Antonio Verdugo according to his driver's license, he was 30 years old.

VIDEO: Cartel Gunmen Kill Police Officers

This video shows the aftermath of a shootout in which cartel hitmen ambushed several undercover police officers. This video was recorded in Baja California, Mexico, but the exact date of the incident is unknown.

The video is playing a recording in which a Drug Cartel intercept and intervene a police radio frequency. The Cartel members mock and threaten the police through the radio and claim to be part of the Arellano Felix Cartel. At the end of the video a message appears saying: "THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO ANYBODY WHO'S NOT WITH EL INGENIERO TIJUANA " ("EL Ingeniero Tijuana" is a nickname given to the leader of the Arellano Felix Cartel).

Body in Advanced State of Decomposition Found in Dump

And executed man was found in a dump in Guerrero, Mexico, the body was in an advanced state of decomposition and authorities mentioned that the man had died at least 2 weeks ago. The forensic team found different caliber casings close to the body, which indicated that the man had been executed in the same spot where he was found. The man was approximately 20 years old and was wearing a red shirt. The investigators also found a holster with custom brass knuckles that had a marijuana and skull and bones engraved. According to the investigators, this is a sign that the man was a member of a Drug Cartel.

UPDATE VIDEO: Shootout in Michoacan

This is an update video of the article War Between The Knights Templar Cartel And Federal Police, in which cartel gunmen attack the installations of the Federal Police of La Piedad, Michoacan. The attackers tried to surprise the police officers by attacking shortly after midnight. Approximately 50 vehicles surrounded the police headquarters and started the attack. Three cartel gunmen and seven officers were killed in the incident.

Teenager is Tortured and Executed in the Capital

A young teenager was tortured with brutality and then was shot in the head, then he was wrapped in a blanket and thrown in a local dumpster of Mexico D.F., the capital.

Pedestrians walking by the dumpster were the first to notice the presence of the body and immediately called the corresponding authorities. Authorities suspect that it the murder was a sort of a vengeance based on the shot the teenager received to the forehead which is common among Drug Cartels to symbolize a "settling of accounts".

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Two Young Men Are Executed in Acapulco

Another incident was reported today in Acapulco when residents of the a neighborhood reported a vehicle with two dead men inside of it. The authorities quickly arrived and secured a gray Jetta that was parked in an ally in the neighborhood and later confirmed that there were two bodies in the car. Next to the victims the Forensic Service found several AK-47 bullet casings which are believed to have been used to execute the two men. The men appeared both to be between 14 and 16 years old, according to the Forensic investigators.

Tragic Afternoon in Acapulco

This afternoon authorities from Acapulco, Mexico, reported several incidents of executions all around the city.

One man was executed by two gunshots, he was approximately 25 years old and was wearing a green shirt and denim pants. The body was found in front of the Caprice Hotel. Later that two men were having lunch at a local restaurant when suddenly armed hitmen entered the place and starting shooting at the two men deliberately in front of dozen of people in the restaurant. All the people present instantly fled the place after the gunmen left, the restaurant was left empty for almost two hours until police officers secured the installations.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

VIDEO: Aftermath of a Confrontation Between Rival Cartels

This video was taken from a cellphone by an unknown individual last Saturday after a shootout between two rival hitmen. Reports later that day informed about a confrontation in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, in which two rival cartel hitmen recognized each other at a traffic light. Witnesses report that one of the hitman took off at high speed and the other chased him for a short distance. The hitman being chased was shooting back at the other vehicle but lost control and drove off the road into several trees. Then, the rival hitman caught up to the crash site and shot at point blank at the unconscious driver.


The Knights Templar Cartel Hangs Man and Leaves Message

Last Monday authorities reported a macabre discovery in Catalan, Guerrero, in which a man had been hanged next to a message signed by the Knights Templar Cartel.

The body was hanged outside a local taxi base and remiained there for hours. The dead man was missing his ears and had several gunshots in his back. Lying next to the body authorities found a message saying the following:



The message is believed to be directed against Los Zetas cartel, which have been accused in the past by other cartels as being kidnappers and killing innocent people who are not involved in the cartel war.

Shootout Between the Military and Hitmen During Raid

Military personnel raided an apartment located in Catalan, Guerrero, that had been reported as being the residence of various hitmen belonging  to the Gulf Cartel by an anonymous caller. As the servicemen entered the apartment they were received with gunshots by the cartel hitmen, therefore an intense shootout began, in which two hitmen were killed. The military siezed one assault rifle, one handgun, and 6 magazines.

Intense Confrontation Is Reported In Iguala

Last Wednesday night authorities informed about an intense confrontation between an armed cartel convoy and the Mexican Military. Elements of the 27th Infantry Battalion who were based in Iguala, Guerrero intercepted an armed convoy and an intense shootout began that lasted approximately 40 minutes.

 In the operation, the military killed 9 gunmen and seized various assault rifles, magazines, vehicles, and radios. However, out of the 4 vehicles that conformed the cartel convoy, 3 vehicles escaped.

Three Policemen Are Killed in Sinaloa While Having Dinner

Tuesday night three elements of the Municipal Police of Navolato, Sinaloa decided to stop and have dinner at a hot-dog stand, but suddenly they were interrupted when armed men in vehicles arrived and started shooting at the police officers. All three of the police men were massacred.

When the crime scene investigators arrived they found casings of high power assault rifles in the scene, such as AK-47 and AR-15. Also, one more man was reported injured while caught up in the crossfire.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

VIDEO: Four Members of Los Zetas Cartel Are Executed

Four members of Los Zetas Cartel confess their crimes, how they kill their victims, and which are their rival cartels. The men are sitting in front of a plastic bag, which has been placed against the wall presumably to avoid blood stains on the walls after executing the four men.

The men say that they are members of Los Zetas and that their mission is to kill any members of the Gulf Cartel and its allies (La Familia Michoacana Cartel and the Sinaloa Cartel). The men look beat up and show signs of being tortured prior to the recording of video.

After the four abducted men confess their crimes and motives, the executioners proceed to kill one of the victims.

Two Men Are Executed in Sinaloa

Last Sunday night two men were attacked by cartel gunmen in the city of Culiacan, Sinaloa. The two men were having a conversation in a house patio when suddenly armed gunmen entered the house and deliberately started shooting at them. The two men were executed and the walls of the house were riddled by the high caliber bullets.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

UPDATE VIDEO: Two Male Bodies Are Hanged From a Bridge

This is a video update of the article Two Male Bodies Hanged From a Bridge. The video shows the two bodies, one of them was hanging and the other one fell and was hit by a semi-truck, ripping the body apart.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Level of Brutality Increases Between Rival Cartels in Guerrero

The violence and terror in Guerrero gets worse by the day, decapitations and the discovery of mutilated bodies has become common in everyday life in this city. Recently, authorities informed about the discovery of two executed men, their facial skin had been cut off their heads. The bodies were thrown in a pit on a roadside.

Later that day, close to the instalations of the city's courthouse, the police found the facial skin belonging to the two executed men. The attackers put the faces on styrofoam in order to represent human heads and also left a message lying next to them. The message was a direct threat to the state governor of Guerrero.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Two Teenagers Are Tortured and Killed in the Mexican Capital

Two teenagers were beaten, tortured, and executed. Their bodies were found in a field located in Ecatepec, in the capital City of Mexico. The two bodies were found in the same field but were laying a few meters from each other. Each man had received four shots to the head by high caliber rifles, as stated by local authorities. Detectives informed that the bodies had been there since last Sunday but had just been found today.

Man is Thrown off the Solidaridad Bridge in Guerrero

A group of unidentified men walked to the highest part of the Solidaridad bridge in Guerrero, Mexico, and threw a body off the bridge. Locals and motorist who were driving by saw the incident develop and immediately alerted the local authorities.

The male body that was thrown was in a black plastic bag, he wore denim pants and was barefoot. His hands were tied and his feet were also tied but with a blue bandanna. His head was wrapped in a white shirt.

The Forensic Service described the man as being approximately 17 years old. They didn't find any type of ID in his belongings, therefore he was taken to the amphitheater where he remains as unidentified.

Two Brothers Are Executed in Guerrero

Two men were found shot and dead on a roadside in Guerrero, Mexico. However, authorities mentioned that last Tuesday the local police station had received a call in which they were alerted about two male bodies in that same site, but when they arrived there was nothing there.

Reports said that the corps where in an advanced state of decomposition. The men had their bodies covered with their own shirts and had received shots in the back of their necks.

Personnel of the Forensic Service took the bodies and hours later identified them as Rafael Dircio, 30 years old, and his brother Miguel Dircio, 27 years old. The two men where abducted last Monday while traveling in a sedan type vehicle. The vehicle has not been found yet.

Three Men Are Attacked in Monterrey, Mexico

At around 23:30 three men were on their way to buy beer at a local grocery store when suddenly they were attacked by armed men in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.

The gunmen shot at the men several times. Paramedics arrived at the scene after receiving a call in which 3 men were described as being shot. The paramedics could only save two men, the other had died when they got there, the injured men were taken to the nearest hospital to be treated.

After the incident, the was an intense military mobilization in the sector to try and capture the responsible gunmen.

VIDEO: Man is Executed by Biker Hitmen

At around 5:20 today unkown hitmen attacked a man who was traveling in a gray Chevolet car. Witnesses state that the victim was being chased by two individuals riding a motorcyle. The hitmen then pulled out pistols and started shooting at the victim. Police recovered 9mm shells at the crime scene. The victim was also riding with his wife but she was uninjured.

Three Young Men Are Executed in Cuidad Juarez

At around 4:30 today authorities registered an attack in a suburban neighborhood of Cuidad Juarez, Chihuahua, very close to the U.S. and Mexico embassy.

A group of gunmen attacked four people who were traveling in a gray Jetta of recent year. The hitmen executed three and injured the other and then left the scene with in no rush, as if nothing had happened.

Reports confirmed that paramedics arrived quickly at the scene and transported the injured person to a nearby hospital where the individual struggled to survive. Meanwhile the Forensic Service canalized the scene and took away the bodies of the dead. The identity of the attackers is still unknown and currently under investigation by the Federal Police.

La Familia Michoacana Cartel Decapitates Two Men

This morning there was a macabre discovery reported in Guerrero, Mexico; the decapitated bodies of the coordinator of Ministerial Police of the region and one of his co-workers were found on a roadside.

Reports indicate that both men had been butaly tortued before being decapitated. They were gagged and their hands and feet were tied. Next to the bodies there was a piece of cardboard signed by La Familia Michoacana cartel which threatened high ranked Mexican officials and members of the Knights Templar Cartel.

The message read as follows:


An Entire Family is Murdered In Sinaloa

A family was massacred this afternoon after being intercepted by armed hitmen on a highway in Sinaloa, Mexico.

Authorities arrived at the scene after receiving various reports from drivers about the ongoing situation in a very transited highway in Sinaloa. After arriving, the agents confirmed the execution of three people who were traveling in a white Jeep Cherokee.

Father, mother and son were violently murdered. Their ages were 48, 49, and 23, in the order mentioned before. Federal agents collected several AR-15 and AK-47 shells in the murder scene. Currently there are no suspects or leads.

Military Kills 10 Hitmen

The Secretariat of National Defense issued a release in which they informed that last Friday the Mexican military attended a civilian complaint in which they were told that armed gunmen were stationed at a residential ranch in Veracruz, Mexico.

After arriving at the location, the military was received with gunfire and violence by the armed gunmen, and then an intense shootout began.

In the shootout the the Military killed 10 cartel gunmen who belonged to Los Zetas cartel and seized 9 assault rifles, 32 magazines, one grenade launcher, three fragmentation grenades, and 10 vehicles; three of them armored.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Two Men Are Shot To Death in Sinaloa

Two men where having a conversation in a neighborhood corner located in Sinaloa, Mexico, however both men were attacked by a cartel gunmen that arrived in the neighborhood. Both men received several gunshots and died instantly on a very transited dirt road; one of the bodies fell into a plant-pot adjacent to a house. Local authorities immediately arrived at the scene and confirmed the situation.

Gunmen Execute Man... After Sexually Abusing Him

A young man's body was found abandoned on a roadside in Chilpancingo, Mexico. The corps presented signs of extreme torture and various bullet wounds.

Also, the assassins had removed the victim's shirt and had pulled down his pants, leaving his body naked. Authorities found bullet shells in the area along with several used condoms, from where the investigators deducted that the victim had been sexually abused by his attackers before being executed. After the conclusion of the investigation the corresponding authorities took the body to the Medical Forensic installation where it remains as unidentified.

Mexican Army Discovers Underground Meth Lab in Sinaloa

The Secretariat of Nation Defense informed that the yesterday afternoon the Mexican Army had discovered an underground laboratory producing methamphetamine; or crystal meth, the second found in northwest Mexico in the state of Sinaloa in less than a month. The lab is four meters deep and measures 100 square meters. Inside, there were signs of a large scale and professional operation, protective suits, an array of chemicals used in crystal meth production, and three reaction vessels with the capacity to hold more than 5,000 liters of the drug. The lab is was believed to be operated by the Sinaloa Cartel.

War Between The Knights Templar Cartel And Federal Police

An intense shootout was reported in La Piedad, Michoacan, when members of the Knights Templar Cartel attacked the Federal Police's base located in that town. The gunmen surrounded the base with approximately 50 vehicles and started shooting at the installations. Reports indicate that the cartel gunmen where trying to execute Miguel Angel Rosas, captain of the Federal Police force in that region, and 30 other police officers in their sleep but the policemen quickly woke and started to retaliate.

The confrontation lasted about an hour and horrified the entire population with assault rifle shots and grenade detonations that could be heard from a distance of a mile. Three cartel gunmen and 7 seven policemen were killed and three more were injured.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hitmen Kill Couple In Guerrero

A group of hitmen carried out a double murder yesterday afternoon in Guerrero, Mexico. The unknown gunmen attacked a married couple outside of their own hardware business store "Calentina" located in Cuidad Altamirano, Guerrero.

Witnesses indicated that the unknown hitmen tried to abduct the husband, however his spouse tried to intervene and it was then that the hitmen got frustrated and shot at both of them and then fled. Some of the people from the neighborhood ran to the scene trying to aid the victims, but it was too late, when the ambulance arrived both victims had died.

Two Men Are Beheaded in Acapulco

Authorities of Acapulco, Mexico, made a macabre discovery yesterday evening during routine patrolling. Two human heads had been hanged from a pedestrian bridge in one of Acapulco's main avenues. Also, the bodies of the two decapitated men where found lying on the street under the bridge; both bodies had been butchered.

After the corresponding investigations, the local authorities informed that the bodies belonged to two male taxi drivers who had been reported missing since Monday. The families of the men received unknown calls telling them that both men had been abducted by Drug Cartels hours after their disappearance.

Three Men Are Butchered in Guerrero

This past weekend three butchered corps were abandoned in Guerrero, Mexico. 

Local authorities indicated that the remains of the three mutilated men had been scattered around in front of a flee market located in downtown Guerrero. Next to the extremely mutilated corps there were three cardboards which contained  death threats  directed to several different unknown individuals. The cardboards were signed by "Los Zetas" Cartel.

Confrontation in Michoacan Leaves 3 Dead

At least two confrontations between the Federal Police and cartel gunmen were reported yesterday in Michoacan, Mexico.

The first incident happened when elements of the Federal Police tried to stop three suspicious trucks and when the drivers didn't yield to the officers' sign the confrontation and persecution began. The persecution lasted a few minutes and three gunmen were killed but the rest escaped. After the incident police helicopters were dispatched in order to find the one remaining truck that escaped.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Military Seizes Weapon Arsenal Belonging to the Gulf Cartel

Elements of the Mexican Military informed that they had located a covert campsite used by members of the Gulf Cartel thanks to a secret military operation. However, during the military operation the cartel members noticed something strange and fled, leaving some of their belongings and weapons behind.

When the military arrived to the campsite they seized 15 assault rifles, 4 frag grenades, 7,601 magazines, 274 handgun cartridges, four vehicles; one of them armored, 15 black rifle straps, and 15 bulletproof vests with the letters "C.D.G." (Cartel Del Golfo or Gulf Cartel in english).

VIDEO: Confrontation Between Los Zetas and Gulf Cartel

A confrontation between two rival cartel gangs, Los Zetas cartel and the Gulf Cartel, turned into a gory scene. The battle took place in a very isolate road near the country side in Nayarit, Mexico. When the corresponding authorities arrived they found 29 dead gunmen and 4 injured. The investigations about what happened have started and the surviving gunmen are being interrogated.

In the scene the authorities found several abandoned vehicles, some of which had bullet-proof windows.

Images of the Knights Templar Cartel Campsite

Yesterday morning the police reported a confrontation between members of the Knights Templar Cartel and elements of the Mexican army in a small community located in the state of Michoacan.

In the confrontation the Mexican Army killed one hit-man, however the rest of the armed cartel squad escaped. The military performed thorough search in the near area of where the confrontation happened and they located a covert campsite that the cartel members used as refuge.

It was informed that the Mexican Military seized two AK-47 Rifles, one 22 caliber rifle, dozens of magazines, hundreds of bullets, camping gear, two white overalls with red crosses centered on them, packs of Marijuana covered with duct tape, more than 20 radios, and three luxury vehicles, among other things.

Hit-men Murder Four Men in Monterrey

Around midnight a cartel squad, believed to be members of "Los Zetas" cartel; which is known to operate in this area, arrived at a random house located in the neighborhood of Ezstanzuela in the city of Monterrey, Mexico. The Gunmen were traveling in a luxury SUV and when they arrived at their destination they pulled out of the SUV four individuals who had their hands and feet tied. The four men showed signs of being tortured. After lining the four men up against a wall of the house, the gunmen then proceeded to shoot and kill the four men.

Officials Arrest 20 Members of the Knights Templar Cartel

The Mexican Secretariat of Public Security communicated that agents of the Federal Police got a tip on the time and location a very important meeting of high rank cartel leaders would take place. The meeting was organized by the Knights Templar Cartel.

In the action, which took place in Apatzingan, Michoacan, Federal Police officials captured 20 members if the Knights Templar Cartel. The hit-men tried to escape but were quickly outnumbered by the police forces and therefore surrendered.

Two Male Corps are Hanged From a Bridge

Two male corps where hanged from a bridge in a very transited highway in the city of Nayarit, Mexico. One of the bodies fell from where it was suspended and was hit and dragged by a vehicle approximately 15 meters. This is not the first act of violence that has taken place in this very transited bridge and now the local authorities are trying to install video-recording cameras and devices just in case a future incident of this type happens again.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Various Hit-men Carryout Well Planned Attack Against Federal Police

Yesterday was a very violent afternoon for Sinaloa, since various attacks against police officials were reported through out the entire state.

The first attack was reported in the city of Mochis, Sinaloa, in which an armed cartel squad ambushed Ministerial Police Officers. The agents were ambushed while patrolling on boulevard Antonio Rosales, south of the city. Witnesses indicated that the police officers had in their custody arrested cartel members when suddenly, from house rooftops and moving vehicles, several cartel hit-men started shooting at the police officers. Being ambushed and unprepared, the agents did not have enough time to defend themselves from the attack.

Several police trucks were struck by AK-47 bullets and it was reported that two policemen were injured.

Minutes later a Municipal Police truck was attacked on the street Maquio Clouthier. In this attack there were no injuries, only material damage.

Two hours after the first two attacks State Police in Guasave, Sinaloa were ambushed by an armed cartel squad. In this incident 15 policemen were executed.

Man is Executed in Acapulco

A man was executed in the Emiliano Zapata neighborhood in Acapulco, Mexico. The body was found abandoned in a field close to the neighborhood.

Agents of the Forensic Medical Service reported that the corps had several rifle wounds and that at least 7 used rounds were found near the body. The body was transported to the local morgue and is still unidentified.

A Thursday Evening of Terror in Michoacan

Reports indicate that at least 38 people have been reported dead or missing in what took place yesterday evening in the state of Michoacan, Mexico.

According to official reports from the Federal Police, there were various incidents in which hit-men attacked Federal Police officers throughout the state. Four police officers were injured and 2 government helicopters were
forced to land because cartel gunmen started to shoot at them from different locations.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

30 Year Old Man Found Dead

Saturday, June 16 2011.

A dead body was found today in Chiapas, Mexico. The body showed signs of being tortured and shot.

The man was shot in his left breast and head and his hands and feet were tied. The body was found in a cane plantation where it was seen by neighbors which alerted the police about the incident.

The body was described as a man in his thirties and was wearing a red shirt and denim pants. No identification was found among his belongings so the body was transferred to the Mexican Forensic Service where it remains as unidentified.

3 Men Are Butchered in Taxco

Last Saturday the city of Taxco, Guerrero, Mexico, was the scenario of a brutal crime. Unidentified individuals placed the remaining of 3 bodies in front of the historic center in downtown Taxco making hundreds of people witnesses of such bloody act.
Elements of the Municipal Police guarded the area while agents of the Forensic Medical Service gathered the butchered remains and counted them. The agents found several cardboard laying beside the remains. Every cardboard had a message directed to rival cartels.

After identifying the deceased the police informed that the victims had been abducted by rival cartel members around midnight friday. Various witnesses to the abduction informed the police that the attackers were wearing army fatigues when they kidnapped the victims.

Executed Man Found on Beach

Habitants of Brisas Del Mar, Chiapas, were witnesses of a horrifying finding. They found an executed man with sings of brutal torture.

Official authorities indicated that the corps was in an advanced state of putrefaction. The body was found by the shore and lead the people to believe that it had been thrown there.

The investigators found a ziploc bag in the corps' anus. Inside the bag the investigators found a Guatemalan identification by the name Cristian Perez, however because of the advanced state of decomposition of the body the investigators could not determine if the identification of the corps matched the identification they found in the ziploc bag. Investigators determined that the man was executed in Guatemala and then thrown into the Pacific Ocean where it then ended on Mexican shores.

Federal Police Ambushed in Sinaloa

Mexican authorities informed yesterday evening about cartel attacks against Federal Police in different parts of Mexico. One of these attacks turned into a massacre when cartel gunmen attacked elements of the Federal Police. This incident occurred in Guasave, Sinaloa.

The victims were Federal Police officers who worked as Francisco Celaya's personal bodyguards. Francisco Celaya is the head of Public Security of Sinaloa. The bodyguards were traveling alongside Francisco Celaya's automobile when they were intercepted by a cartel convoy that consisted of 10 luxury vehicles. The assassins blocked the bodyguard's way and started shooting with AK-47 rifles and executed 12 bodyguards and 1 civilian who was caught in the crossfire.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Two Police Officers Are Massacred in Sinaloa

Wednesday, July 13 2011.

Two elements of the State Police in Culiacan, Sinaloa were executed and two civilians were injured this Wednesday afternoon.

The shooting was reported to have taken place in front of one busiest mall centers in the city. The police officers were on their day off and were traveling in a red Chevrolet Cavalier when suddenly an SUV blocked their path and started shooting at the policemen.

The police officer driving the car died instantly, however his partner jumped out of the car and ran trying to escape from his attackers but was reached by the hit-man's bullets.

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