Tuesday, August 9, 2011

VIDEO: Execution of a Member of Los Zetas Cartel

This video if from quite some time ago but I'm posting it because it might be of some interest to some people.
The messages on the man's body read as follows:
"Welcome the 'Z' Cartel the women and baby killers"
"Lazcano" (He's the leader of Los Zetas Cartel)
"Humer" (Founder of los Zetas Cartel)

In the interview performed by what appears to be Gulf Cartel members to the member of Los Zetas, the man is being questioned about a massacre in which innocent women and children were shot that apparently happened a few months back. The background sounds in the video appear to be that of music played in Adult Clubs; the man might be in one of the back-rooms of the club.

The video opens with a message that says: "THIS IS A REAL VIDEO UNLIKE THE BULLSHIT POSTED BY LOS ZETAS", and ends with a message that says: "YOU'RE NEXT LAZCANO"


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