Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mexican Army Dismantles Covert Cartel Campsite

Another covert cartel campsite was dismantled by the Mexican military in Nuevo Leon, Mexico, near a large forest. The camp was primarily used for training newly hired hitmen. Reports say that the campsite was discovered thanks to an anonymous called received today alerting the authorities that civilians had seen armed men roaming that area, and therefore a large military mobilization begun.

When the military arrived a the scene they discovered armed men who retaliated by shooting at the servicemen, however after a few minutes of confrontation the men ran into the forest and disappeared, the army only killed one of the attackers.

According to the military, the authorities seized 5 assault rifles, 33 magazines, 1,500 cartridges, 2 bulletproof vests, 4 tactical belts and holsters, 9 radios, and two vehicles.


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