Thursday, November 24, 2011

Confrontation between Military and Gunmen in Michoacan

A confrontation around noon today between the Mexican Military and a group of hitmen in Michoacan resulted in 3 dead gunmen, 3 dead civilians, and 1 military officer.

The group of hitmen were riding in 3 luxury trucks on a very transited avenue at around 11:40 am today. A military convoy that passed them on the opposite side of the street noticed what appeared to be assault rifles poking out from one of the hitmen's windows. The military proceeded to detain the vehicles but the men refused to stop and thus began a shootout between the Military and the unkown gunmen.

After the persecution and confrontation that lasted around 20 minutes, the military seized all three trucks, 30 hand-gun clips, 1100 AK-47 magazines, 320 AR-15 magazines, various tactical gear, and captured the remaining hitmen.


demah said...

Ебанаты когда вы уже передохните?

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K rollo

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