Wednesday, September 28, 2011

VIDEO: Two Sinaloa Cartel Hitmen are Decapitated with Chainsaw and Knife -WARNING- Extremely Explicit

-WARNING: Extremely Violent and Explicit Material! Viewer Discretion is Advised-

This is a video of the execution of two men who identify themselves as Felix Gamez Garcia, who trafficked drug into the U.S. for the Sinaloa Cartel, and Bernabe Gamez Castro, uncle of the earlier mentioned.

Both men are sitting next to each other in front of what appears to be an adobe house. They are shirtless and are being interrogated by unknown cartel hitmen. One of the executioners wears the customary military fatigues that are common among cartel hitmen.

The two men admit working for the Sinaloa Cartel, whose lider is Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman. They confess they worked as "Halcones" (Spanish for Falcons. Their job is to spy on rival cartels and the authorities. They have no Military training, unlike other cartel members).

The man identified as Bernabe states that the Sinaloa Cartel doesn't pay much at all and that it's not worth the risk. He said the last time he got paid he received only $300.

One of the men gives advice to all Mexicans: "Think hard before trying to join a Cartel. It's not worth it and it's not easy. You can't go back. These people are nobody to play with and the job is not all that glamorous as it seems to be"

After the interview one of the men is executed with a chainsaw and the other is decapitated with a hand-knife. At the end of the video a message appears that reads: "THIS WILL HAPPEN TO ALL THE SNITCHES"


Alice said...

Excuse me I couldn't see the video because of the dirty porn picture in front of it and I don't wanna take a chance of clicking on the close to play because it could bring a virus on my computer. Can you please take it off.

daniel gongora said...

After watching I think on both sides its greed driving them to kill their own people what do they expect killings like this no the raza that work with these cartels r only trying to mKe better money for families this economy is jacked up look at whats goin on murders that dont need to occur a toda la raza les digo trancelen esto de matar uno al otro somos los mesmos wey pensa en eso el homre alegre es mas chingon no la droga que no vale y el dinero por matar mesmos raza I hope countries and ppl can forget the nonsense and drug industry all it has done is poison ppl taken lives

Капитан Немо said...

Вот так надо наших депутатов

joshua Soto said...

i hate when all these ice cream companies think they can just come and shit on random peoples mailboxes. free my niggas snoop and fofo cuz deey aint did shix

Elgwaurdo said...

so sad did u here his blood filled breathing at the end

el 8ago said...

K se Los lleve la verga yah they knew wat this game is all about money and power loyalty and silence u open mouth like snitch dye like snitch u keep it real honest and b straight nun of this happens


He said he received $300, but $300 Pesos, not USD. That´s less than 25 USD !!!

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