Sunday, August 21, 2011

Shootout in Los Mochis, Sinaloa

A confrontation between armed hitmen and elements of the Mexican Army was registered this afternoon north of   the city of Los Mochis. After a short persecution, the delinquents entered several different houses in a neighborhood named Tabachines. The military has set up a perimeter around the entire neighborhood and is still searching.

The information gathered as of now indicates that the confrontation initiated when armed hitmen were traveling along the International Highway 15 aboard 3 black luxury SUV vehicles. The military noticed suspicious activity among the men aboard the 3 vehicles and then tried to intercept them, initiating an intense persecution and shootout. The delinquents drove along the international highway until they reached the Tabachines subdivision and then turn left into the neighborhood. Subsequent, the hitmen abandoned the 3 vehicles and continued on foot until there were out of sight and then hid in random houses houses throughout the neighborhood. The military immediately implemented a operative to locate the criminals.

More information will soon be released by the corresponding authorities.

Inside the abandoned vehicles, the military seized: 1 AR-15 assualt rifle, 1 AK-47 assault rifle, one unidentified long-gun, 6 bulletproof vests, and 4 ski-masks.


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