Sunday, August 21, 2011

Calderon Admits He Has No Clue As to the Power of The Cartels

Mexican President, Felipe Calderon, admitted in an interview with the Spanish Newspaper "El Pais", that when he declared war on the Mexican Drug Cartels in 2006, he did not have a precise idea as to how powerful and influential organized crime had become.

The journalist, Pablo Ordaz, mentioned that the Mexican mandatary "wins the confrontations. He looks rigid in his speeches, but he fails to convince when explaining his politics". Here's a sneak-peak from the official interview:

Q - When you declared war against organized crime, did you suspect it was so powerful?
A - There wasn't a precise idea of the dimensions, but here was a certainty of how dangerous and the necessity to cut off this expanding wave.

"The cancer was there, and as we confront it, we have seen the dimension it has. This process has been seen in other countries, the difference is that it in Colombia it took too much time and too many casualties. One cannot measure success or failure based solely on the casualties. The number of casualties only reflects the intensity and gravity of the problem"

Q - Is there a date on which to end this war?
A - To me, this will be a very long and bloody war. It will implicate lots of time, money, and unfortunately, human lives. But it is a battle that we must fight and united we will win.


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