Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Retired Police Officer is Murdered

Alberto Camacho Feliciano, a 37 year old retired sergeant of the Municipal Police Force of Xochistlahuaca, Acapulco, was found dead yesterday morning in his farm house.

According to investigators, Feliciano was cut and stabbed with a machete and finally shot dead. His wife became concerned when he didn't return from the farm late at night. She didn't worry about Feliciano until the next morning because he would usually go out at night to the farm house and stay there until early in the morning.

After realizing something was wrong, Feliciano's wife headed out to the farm house at around 11 am only to find Feliciano's dead body lying in a puddle of blood. Investigators pointed out that Feliciano's perpetrators knew about Felicianos daily routines and waited for the right moment to strike. It was an obviously planned and premeditated killing.


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